Our materials

From basic solid rivets used in seat structures to critical fasteners used in engines, we manufacture a vast array of components using the best quality materials. We have the expertise and capability to work with a variety of metals, including mild steel, heat-treated steels (8.8, 10.9, 12.9, SAE8), stainless steel, A70, A80, A2810 high temperature, aluminium, brass and copper.

Sample products

Over the 80 years we’ve been in business we’ve manufactured everything from adjuster bolts to wheel studs. Our products are used in all major European cars, are integral to solar panel frameworks, and have been used in armoured vehicles. 

Size range

For threaded components our manufacturing capability is from 2mm to 14mm in diameter. We can also manufacture special non-threaded male and female components using a maximum wire of 19.5mm, allowing us to produce components with a maximum outside diameter of 31.5mm.

Do you require a size outside of this range? Let us know – our factored service is renowned in the industry for its consistent quality and reliable supply. 

Surface finishing & thread locking

We offer a variety of electro and organic finishes to international or customer-specific standards, all of which are certified through our quality process. Approved companies in the UK and mainland Europe execute all our surface finishing and thread locking services.